In 2018 I joined Headspace as their new Vice President of Content and am excited to bring an expanded focus and reach to the company's life-changing tools, in a range of formats and subjects. You can read more about that here.

Prior to joining Headspace, I served as the Chief Story Officer & Editorial Director for Upworthy which recently merged with GOOD.  

From 2007-2014, I worked for The New York Times in a range of roles serving as a reporter, a multimedia producer, a digital editor for news with a particular focus on helping to manage print-digital newsroom integration. In 2014, I was on the team that wrote the New York Times's Innovation Report, heralded by Nieman Lab as one of the "key documents of this media age."  

My work is best described as digital editorial strategy — leading modern editorial teams and directing them towards new approaches in storytelling, formats, delivery and distribution by analyzing reader data and behavior to maximize media organizations' effectiveness and reach.

I have spent my career focused on how to get, and keep people’s attention on important stories and subjects, that are all too often overlooked.

As a journalist, editor, and former reporter, radio producer and multimedia producer, I spend a lot of time thinking about the intersection of narrative structure and data in the service of bringing attention to the most important stories in the news cycle. I have spent my career focused on narrative structure, attention management, and how principles in each discipline are applied to new platforms, and I frequently speaks on that subject both nationally and internationally.

At the beginning of my career I worked in public radio as a producer at This American Life and freelanced across the public radio system. I got my start as a city and county reporter at a small town rural newspaper in Minnesota.