Consulting Services

As a consultant, I work with a range of media and journalism startups; here are three of the most common ways I assist organizations and individuals meet their goals.


Content Strategy, Roadmapping, and Production Planning

I consult with companies launching new media properties, digital products and experiences to help plan, prioritize and produce the content that will define their company. I have experience leading teams in all formats including text, audio, video, and animation, as well as interactive features.


Digital Product + Content Strategy

How do you create a standout new product experience, where product features and content work together for the strongest outcome? I have experience adapting design thinking to content development, to release successful digital products with lower risk, lower upfront investment and impressive results.


Organizational Design & Management

Media and journalism companies thrive their teams are organized smartly from the start. Who do you hire? What are their roles? What is the workflow? When a change or pivot needs to take place, how do you lead that transition with clarity and integrity? I have experience providing consultative services in all these areas, and have helped build both remote and co-located teams for long term success.